Monday, January 31, 2005

Cold cream smells attrocious.
It is seriously one of the most over-perfuned things I've ever smelled.
(It probably doesn't help that I bought the cheapest brand I could find)

"Why," you wonder, "is Julie sniffing generic cold cream?"

Because, of course, cold cream is one of the key ingredients in HOMEMADE FACE PAINT.
I just tested the recipie, and I smell . . . ugh
The smell is really undescribe-able.
But if you imagine bathing in "old-lady" perfume and you'll get an idea.

Of course, it is possible to buy store-made face paint that smells nicer (but what is the fun in doing that?
I mean, if it's worth doing, it's worth making a really big mess, right?)

Yes, there will be photographs.
For the right price, I might even share.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Long, long ago (about 1990) in a far away place (Palos Heights, IL), I had a conversation with my grandfather.

My parents had skipped town for a week and the VW kids stayed with grandparents. Brother Andy had a Thursday night caddet club meeting that didn't get out until 9:00 -I went with Grandpa to pick up Andy, while my grandmother stayed home to put Kris, Jon, and Phil to bed.

We were in the car, talking about the things that every 8th grader talks about - DRIVING, getting a license, and wanting to have a car. I told him that if I were lucky enough to get a car, I'd want a black pickup truck with a pink pin stripe. (Granpa was very surprised to discover that a girl wanted a pick up!) I can so vividly recall the conversation that it makes me cry to think about it.

The conversation turned to other things. He asked me what I was going to do after high school. I told him I might go to college but who knows, I might not even finish high school.

Part of me was feeling very stupid at that time (Due to an awful algebra teacher, perfectionistic tendencies, normal junior high garbage, and an unrecognized learning disability). I also knew that my grandfather didn't finish high school and didn't want to act all scholarly in front of him.

There was a moment of comfortable silence, when he suddenly said, "I'll buy you a pick up truck if you graduate" I think, at that moment, he really really, seriously, honestly meant it. I think he wanted to do whatever he could to encourage and push me beyond the middle school slump.

My "Promised Pick up truck (with a pink stripe) became a family joke. I reminded him constantly that he was going to get me a pick up (with a pin stripe) and everyone harassed him about when he was going to follow through on his promise. Whenever he and I were out together, he'd point out trucks and ask if that was the kind I wanted.
(No, he never got me a truck, nor did I expect one - and that is not the point of the story or the long-standing family joke).

This morning, my 3 year old nephew asked me to buy him a pick up truck. Everyone laughed - except I was holding back tears through the laughter. I told the boy he had to graduate before he could get a pick up; that is the rule. (He is now roaming around the house asking people to help him graduate so he can get a pick up!)

I miss my grandfather.
And I love my newphew for unknowingly continuing his legacy.

Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm tired.
The "good" kind of tired that comes from being productive,
The "bad" kind of tired that comes from being emotionally wore out,
The "physical" kind of tired that comes from not sleeping,
And the "wore out" kind of tired that comes from sitting too much.

When I'm exhausted, all kinds of thoughts pop into my head.
Thinking almost becomes easier sans-sleep.
And every thought feels very profound. (Even if its not)
(I'm thinking that being high probably feels a lot like this).

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I was not going to get involved.
Too much of my life has been spent fighting loosing battles
And I wanted a break.
But this weekend convinced me that I need to fight for my girls
They need a girl scout troop - and so do I.
Withdrawing support because of a lack of adults won't solve the
problem - it'll just get rid of the issue.
This is what these girls need
(Or, maybe I just need it!)

The thing that makes me angry is that if they were "underserved" and living in the city, there would be plenty of volunteers. But the good folks of suburbia don't see their underserved neighbors. Is it because we're all white? Is it because of the suburban stereotype? Is it because we're all too busy volunteering for our own kind (as PTA moms for OUR schools, or Soccer Coaches for OUR kids, or Sunday School teachers for OUR church)?

There are two types of Girl Scout Leaders.
The "Troop Mother" kind - and the "Camp Counselor" kind.

The Troop Mothers Types are the ones that made cutsey little crafts, and worry about spiders. They swim in pools, not lakes, and worry about getting dirty.

The Camp Counselor Types are just a little strange. They don't bring flashlights (because most of the time you can see better without it, and if you REALLY it, you can borrow/steal it from someone). They will wear the same set of clothes for days and have been known to get a little too goofy. They eat twice as much as the troop mothers and sometimes push themselves (and the girls) too hard.

Troop Mothers are the most common type of GS Leader.
So people assume that I must be a Troop Mother.
And I wish those in the GS community would quit referring to me as a "Cookie Mom" or asking me which one of the munchkins is my daughter.

(Accolades, to balance out the Tirades, are forthcoming)

Monday, January 24, 2005

In business, as in art, what distinguishes leaders form laggards, and greatness from mediocrity, is the ability to uniquely imagine what could be.
-Gary Hamel

Yes, the New Twin Cities Public Radio station debuted this morning.
The first song they played was this Rap about Minnesota (And I said, "WTF?!")
But I happened to be on Lake Street at the time - - so instead of turning it off, I turned it up!
(When on Lake Street, do as the Lake Street-ians do!)

Let me quickly add that I hate the fact that our independent classical radio station is gone.
But, I think MPR is doing some moderately innovative things here.
I tuned in at various times today and heard some Johny Cash, Bob Dillian, U2, and Sinatra, ecletic unknown stuff that I've never heard before.
There is potential.

(The Morning Show will be a regular part of this new station. (The Morning Show would add class to anything).
I love Dale and Jim Ed - they make me laugh, and they play quality music!)
(Like the Easter Island Head song, and the Ann Bolyn song)

If you're curious, an Audio Stream is avaliable.
(And you're even allowed to like it - just don't like it too much - that'd be disloyal to the memory of WCAL!)

Sunday, January 23, 2005

You may recall that last week's camp out didn't happen
BUT we were poised to try again this weekend

And then, it started to snow
Snow snow snow

Minnesota doesn't believe in plowing roads until after the snow has stopped (sometime we wait days/weeks to send out a snowplow).
This means a couple inches of snow is a traffic nightmare

Friday night people were canceling plans left and right because of the snow/road conditions
Winter Storm warnings scare people
And then, I got a call that one of my Girls had a fever

(Julie thought to herself, "Ugh, between sick kids and nasty road conditions, and a winter storm, this trip is never gonna happen. We're cursed!")
But I crossed my fingers anyway . . .

The storm came and went
The snow plows did their job
And three girls stayed healthy enough to GO CAMPING!
We left Saturday afternoon for a two day "Sleepover in the Woods!"

T'was a good weekend
We cross country skied and snow shoed (as best we could - every one was a complete beginner, so mostly we fell down and laughed!)

We played Uno (and invented a new version called "Do Whatever You Have to do to Tick Off Your Neighbor, Even if You Loose in the Process"

They threw snowballs at me.
I threw them into snow banks.
And then, they worked together to throw me into the snow (teambuilding activity!)

We made fun of the "other" girl scout troops
(You know, the ones that were watching silly PG movies, making paper snowflakes, and sleeping in buildings with flush toliets!)

WE slept in a tiny cabin. (don't let the quaint-ness of the word "cabin" fool you. It was four walls, a floor, enough electricity to power three light bulbs, and a little heater.
The bathroom was a short (cold) hike

We stayed up late, reading poems, sharing sketchbooks, and going through The Book of Questions.

We played with matches, spilled candle wax, ate hot dogs, wandered in the woods, and drank copious amounts of hot chocoalte and orange-sugar-water.

And just in case you're wondering,
My girls are fabulous!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The "double you" key on my keyboard is broken.
It functioned before, but at the moment it doesn't.
It is difficult to be "Julie VeeDoubleYou" minus the "Doubleyou". (one does not realize the importance of the "doubleyou" key until one does not have it).
Just typing this little blog entry has been strange . . . there are so many things I can't say . . .


I have a paper due on *ednesday. I'm *ondering if I could do the *hole thing *ithout the "double you" key (I really don't feel like digging out my car and fighting the unplo*ed streets just to buy a ne* keyboard.
(But as the last sentence illustrates . . . My *riting style demands a "double you" key).

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Speak what you think now in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today. --'Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.' -- Is it so bad then to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh.
To be great is to be misunderstood.

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

It's nights like tonight that make me love school!
The "You read the book, now let's talk about it" nights
The "rip apart the author that's not here to defend himself" nights
The night you land a proff that is skilled at leading a discussion (and smart enough to back off once the ball gets rolling).
The "lots of cute boys in the bookstore" nights
The "computer lab is empty" nights
The "I love school" nights

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Delfi is one of my favorite people
Delfi is a camp buddy.
Delfi is amazing - I've been meaning to tell her that for months
But I get busy and forget

Delfi wrote me a fabulous letter once when I was out of control
I still have it, it's part of my "pep talk in a box"
Everyone should make a "pep talk in a box"
It's very helpful

Delfi can find the good parts of people
Even in annoying whiney campers that cling to you
And won't go away
Says Delfi, "She's going to make a great camp counselor"
Delfi has turned several campers into counselors

I've decided that Delfi needs a blog.
Before you acuse me of being bossy, let me add that I also think Delfi should be teacher
But she won't let me make decisions for her

But it's just not fair,
She can read my blog and know what's up with me
But to find out what's happening in her world I have to write an email and wait for her to reply.
Granted, I could email Delfi instead of blogging
(And I've been a really bad emailer)
But still, she needs a blog!

You'd read a blog written by Delfi, wouldn't you?
Maybe you'd even comment once in a while to make her feel loved
I think she'd come up with some great stuff
And if she gets stuck for topics, she can always share camp stories

So . . . I've set up a blog for Ms Delfi
I donno if she'll actually go and write anything
(But I hope she does)
If you want to welcome (or encourage) her to the blog world,
Stop by and leave a comment.

P.S. Delfi - You are teriffic!

Monday, January 17, 2005

You gotta love a national holiday devoted to crazy dreamers

This crazy dreamer is unemployed today.
I'm done with YA, and won't officially start the VE job until tomorrow.

The VE job is temporary. I'll be taking over for the Education Director until they find a replacement. (I'm gonna call myself "Acting Education Director" but that's probably a bit of a stretch!)

Three years ago, MLK day was a teacher in-service day.
It was the day I told my principal that I'd be leaving.
I had a dream about getting a master's degree and becoming an Education Director with a professional music group! (-:

I like the symetrey of how this worked out!
Happy Dreamers Day!

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Chocolate Chunk” granola bars that have slivers (not chunks)of chocolate
Overly sweet hot chocolate
Locked/ Friend’s Only/ Password Protected blogs
Leadership “reflection” papers on dumb books
The new MPR station
The APA style guide
Yummy cheesy rice that burned onto the pan
Mean people
Not going camping / The future of my girl scout troop (extensive tirade coming soon).
Mr. Peters handling of Ryan's scheduling conflict
Whiney people that announce the pet peeves to the world (ironic, eh?)

Having extra time to write the dumb leadership reflection
Warm dog sleeping on my feet
Warm cat sleeping on my lap
Brainstorming thesis direction
Conversations with like-minded people
Wool socks
Nice people
A cinnamon rasin bagel (not as nice as cheesy rice, but not a bad replacement!)

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Our "camping" trip was canceled )-:
Not because of the cold, but because of the family/social dynamics of the girls in my troop (details are sketchy but it involves parents in prision, sexually explicit notes at school, and a divorce situation). In the end only one girl could go, and of course she didn't want to go alone. The council is questioning the future of our troops (big and little) because we really don't have enough adults.
I am sad.

During a typical week, what sort of physical activities do you enjoy?
When it is warm out, I do a lot of bicycling. Now that it's cold, I'm more holed up inside the house. I also like to play frisbee (or ball, or stick) with the dog, and take her out for long walks. (Most of my wintertime physical activity is on the stupid Nordic Track Walk Fit machine in my basement - which I do, but don't enjoy! Someday I want to take ballet lessons (not because I want to be a ballerina, but because I want to understand it) and karate lessons (but I’m really afraid of hurting myself with the karate, so that probably won’t happen anytime soon).

Describe your own personal style
This is a dificult question. I am comfortable with who I am (except for when I feel like a dork and want to be someone that is more gracious and knows the exact right thing to say in awkward situations).
I tend to go for comfort and function over fashion; I don’t care if the towels in the bathroom match, or if my favorite sweater is out of style (actually, my favorite sweater was NEVER fashionable – but I love it anyway!) I prefer jeans to and sweaters/sweatshirts to "work clothes" and usually have my hair up in a pony tail or bun (because I HATE having it in my face!)
I'm more of a side-kick than a leader (although I don't shy away from leadership opportunities if it's a good fit). And it takes a long time for me to warm up to most situations. I prefer simple/old-fashinoed sort of things over most of the newest, latest, greatest fads.

When you are walking down the street, where are your eyes fixated?
Usually they are not fixated. I'm watching ahead, along the side, and sometimes behind (if it's icy I'll look down too!) If there's a person I want to avoid making eye contact with (i.e. obviously drunk/high) I'll look straight past them (or pretend to watch traffic).

What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
Actually, I'm really not much of a spontaneous person (at least not in the big things, and rarely in the little things!) CharLee, one of my college friends, was a wild crazy spontaneous person and hanging out with her would result in some "interesting" adventures (but they were CharLee initiated adventures - I was the partner-in-crime, not the instigator!)

Describe your spirituality
I'm passionate about spirituality - just not in an easily categorized way. The phrase "Christian Heretic" fits well; (I also like "Hopeful Agnostic (in the Judeo/Christian Tradition"!) I love the concept of a personal God, yet question everything the born-again evangelical church taught me about how to behave and think.

They say life is about the simple pleasures, what are your simple pleasures?
Homemade bread!!! (Although I cheat and use a bread machine!) The crowning invention of my toddler-hood was "Bread Sandwiches" (simple recipe-- a slice of bread on top of a slice of bread!) I still eat bread sandwiches several times a week (with both homemade and store brought bread).
* * Extended Bonus Answer * * The best part of bread (in my strange silly world) is the crust. It has the most flavor and the most texture! I never understood why people liked to cut the bread crusts OFF of their sandwhiches.

Friday, January 14, 2005


Our plane falls from the sky
into France, where everyone seems
so much happier than we are,
but no, it's not the people
who are happy, it's the buildings,
the high-beamed Norman farmhouses,
the cottages with roofs of trim thatch,
the chateaux set in verdant vineyards.
The people are like you and me:
their clothes don't fit very well,
their children are ungrateful,
and they're always blowing their noses.
But the buildings are warm and well-lit,
and even the ones that aren't,
the ones that have bad lighting
and poor insulation and green things
growing on the tile, even these
seem to be trying like crazy to comfort us,
to say something to us in French,
in House, in words we can understand.

"The Very Rich Hours of the Houses of France" by David Kirby,
As read today on Writer's Almanac

Thursday, January 13, 2005

1. The education director at VocalEssence unexpectedly resigned.

2. YA asked me to stick around for another week.
I said no. Which means, today is my last day.
(I've said my good byes, This is my sundown)

3. The SMU capstone class has 16 pepole in it!
(Triple the previous capstone enrollment record).

4. My Girl Scouts and I are going "camping" this weekend
(is it really camping if you're in a cabin with indoor plumbing?)
I call it the "Slumber Party in the Woods."

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


A good teacher accepts and celebrates where you are now, joins you in and clarifies your dreams for yourself, and helps you as a guide and adviser on the road to their attainment.
--Lawrence LeShan

Granted, most "teachers" tend to simply notice your mistakes, assign work you won't do, and then yell at you some more. (You are very perceptive young Jedi)

While pointing out mistakes is an easy way to collect a paycheck, it's not really teaching.

Real Teachers (the good ones) are going to teach you to inspire yourself, show you how to fix mistakes, and be your #1 cheerleader/critic.

In a lifetime of school, I've only come across three such teachers (Diane, Don, and Julia - and only one of them was a teacher in a formal, "school-sort" of way).

Don't write yourself off or give up on finding a good teacher. (It might be a cello teacher, or a writing teacher, or even a basket-weaving teacher. Whatever. It doesn't matter. Good teachers transcend their subject and teach you more than you expected to learn).

You are a natural, charismatic, and effective leader (I'm so glad Mr. Peters sees that!) You might choose to use those skills in places other than orchestra - but believe/beware everything he said to you!

(And dammit - if you're going to stop practicing - at least keep March in the Style of Corelli in your repitoire. If I ever get married, I'll need a cello player and YOU'RE IT!

Monday, January 10, 2005


The internet dating “thing” has been much more fun than I expected it to be. I went in with a curious mind – not an open one - and expected loosers, freaks, creeps, and con-artists (you know, people like me!) Of course there were a few loosers, freaks, creeps and con-artists, but even the weirdos asked interesting questions. (Some of which I'd never thought about before). A few of the exchanges are almost stand-alone blog worthy posts (in fact, two of the December posts were lifted from emails to potential cyber-suitors).

Rather than allowing this brilliance to waste away on internet boys that don’t even know my real name – I’ve decided to post some questions and answers here. You are certainly welcome to answer any question that peaks your interest -in the comments or on your own site - we could even turn it into one of those great big annoying 10 page blog quizzes!! (Or not).

Anyway, starting now, I'm posting assorted questions (and answers) whenever I lack inspriation for deeper more interesting posts. Consider yourself warned!

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
The "fairy-god-mother" type impossible wishes would include changing the educational system in America to benefit ALL learners (child/adult), Doing something to human teeth that made them resistant to decay and cracking (thus eliminating the need for dental appointments now and in the future), and creating a VRC-type device to record dreams (so we could re-play those weird dreams when we're awake, or watch people's. It'd be far more entertaining than television!!)

If the genie/fairy godmother told me to think of less-impossible wishes, I'd be much more selfish. First, magically pay off all student loans. Second, find a really good way for my grandmother and I to live closer without either of us feeling icky about relocating or starting over. Third, lifetime protection from car accidents for me and everyone that knows me. (Car accidents are my latest big fear. I've never been afraid of driving, so I'm not sure why I'm suddenly a scaredycat, but I am. Some sort of magical-lifetime-anti-accident-spray would be most useful in disguising my newfound whimpiness!)

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Trying to plan out my schedule for the next four months. The right side of my brain says, "Of course you're going to play in the symphony, volunteer with Girl Scouts, and finish school - afterall you're only going to be working part time."

Left brain says, "You don't know that! YA is still dragging their feet on this restructuring business, it's very possible that they'll keep you around until the end of January. VE needs you to start working more hours, and Girl Scout cookie sales are going to suck up a lot of your time above and beyond normal meetings. Plus the symphony is doing three concerts in the next four months with completely new music. AND that thesis-thing which is going to absorb all of Feb & March.

Right brain whines, "But I WANNA play in the symphony - they're doing Coopland, Brandenburg 3, and Russlan/Ludmilla. And my Girl Scouts *need* a stable leader."

Left brain replies, "You're NOT quitting school! And you HAVE to have some sort of gainful employment.

Right brain tries rationalize it, "But the point of school is to get an EDUCATION. I've gotten that - this Capstone Class is just a silly hoop jumper to get the dumb piece of paper . . ."

Left brain interupts, "Don't start. Non-negotiable."

Right brain tries again, "Do you remember life without orchestra?"

Left brain doesn't fall for it, "Yes, of course we missed it. But we also enjoyed having dinner, and going to bed at a reasonable hour. And even if rehearsals weren't an issue, do you really have time/energy to learn new music?"

In her best, spoiled child whinney voice, the right brain begs, "PLU-EZZE don't make me quit! pleasepleasepleaseplease"

Left brain replies in a calm grown up voice, "No one said anything about quitting. But, you can't do everything my dear."

Right brain realizes this is a loosing battle, but tries to argue anyway, "What am I going to blog about if I can't write, "Yipee! Symphony Rehearsal tonight!" ?? What if I become a melencoly blogger of boredom and stupidity that no one reads??"

Left brain retorts, "Maybe you should focus your writing energies on melencoly and boring thesis-like things. Besides *real* friends read no matter how boring you are."

Right brain goes into a tempertantrum, "That's mean! I hate you! If it weren't for Ms. Left Brain, I'd never be boring. I'd be a carefree, fun-loving hippie, living on a community farm, having enlightening conversations with intelligent people. I'd be interesting, completely fulfilled and HAPPY!

Left brain gets sucked in to the passionate argument, "Go ahead. Run off and be a 'carefree, fun-loving hippie' But the hippie-love-farm has a crappy new-age-Yanni-orchestra! Do you really want to do orchestra with a bunch of stoned kazoo players that play Kumbaya all day long?
And, in case you hadn't heard, the hippie-farm banned Girl Scout cookies in favor of raw granola! But, by all means, go. Be a happy, fulfilled, and spoiled, Yanni-brain!"

Right brain screams, "I'M SPOILED?! You're the one that always gets your way just because you're smart enough to win every argument. [starts to cry] And now you've ruined the hippie-farm dream too. I want a good orchestra on my farm. And cookies. And Brahms. [cries uncontrollably]

Left brain leans over to hug right brain.
She appoogizes for the "Yanni-Brain" comment.

The argument is over.
Symphony is on hold for a few months.
Sad, but necessary.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Poor God — He means well, but He seems to have lost the superpowers he had in the Bible. Some sort of spiritual Green Kryptonite slipped him by Satan, I’ll bet. So He’s struggling and weak and nebbishy and we have to buck Him up. . . .

I would propose a truce between believers and unbelievers so they can stop fighting over the credit for the goodness of the rescue workers, whether it should be assigned to God or to man, so that we can remove God—and the critique of God—from the equation entirely for a while and save our energy to support the recovery unencumbered by this perennial debate, however important and profound.

Here’s the terms of the truce: Unbelievers will stop pointing out the inadequacies of the believers’ theodicy, their justification for God. And believers will stop claiming credit for God for everything good that happens, unless they are willing to condemn Him to a perp walk for all the crimes committed on earth, many in his name.

[full article]
via Arts & Letters Daily


I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.
Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.

- Maya Angelou

Friday, January 07, 2005


via The Muse at Sunset

Thursday, January 06, 2005

So what would you do if you saw a kangaroo on the side of the highway in Wisconsin?

Sheriff Steve Michek said some people who spotted the kangaroo were hesitant to report it “because they didn’t want to be made a fool of.”
(Can you blame them?)
Full article

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Today, I got to vote on the GRAMMY awards.
As a member of NARAS, VocalEssence gets a say on who receives a GRAMMY (how exciting is that?!) We spent about an hour going through the ballot and voting. (And, even though we are a classically inclined organization, we still get to vote for Album of the Year and Song of the Year!)
So, on GRAMMY night, when someone says, "I'd like to thank the Academy," they're really thanking . . . ME (a teeny tiny little itsy bitsy insignificant part of me - but let's not dwell on that, ok?)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Last night = Girl Scout Night
There are actually two troops that meet in the same building at the same time. (Younger Girls and Older Girls). Younger girls lost their leader back in November. For a while, we tried combining them (age range K-7th grade - not a good situation!)

So, last night we quit trying to do the multi-age thing and split them; I took over the younger group and became . . . A Troop Leader (duh dun DUN!!)

As the "grown-up-responsible-adult" of a girl scout troop, I'm entitled to my very own personal copy of SafetyWise. (I know . . . you are all so very jealous!)

For the 85% of my readers without a girl scout background (and hence can not hear the dripping scarcasm!) Safety-wise is the book Girl Scout safety standards.

For example, if one wanted to make microwave popcorn with a group of girls, a leader would need to look up "Microwave Popcorn" in the Safety-wise book where we would learn that to safely make microvwave popcorn with the troop, one must ensure there is a water bucket within 3 feet of the microwave, provide protective eyeware to all participants, have two first-aid certified adults and one certified life guard supervising, AND require all girls to stay 7 feet away from the microwave while it is in use. (Yes, I'm exaggerating - but not much!)

Last night the younger girls and I flipped through their badge book to brainstorm activites and set a direction - they all wanted to do FACE PAINTING
UGH . . . . er . . . uh . . . I mean, "Great idea girls! Face painting . . . won't that be . . . uh . . . messy FUN!)

Cookie Sales start on January 15
Each box of sold cookies means we get 50 cents added to our face painting fund.
If you don't buy cookies, our troop won't have face paint
(And I won't have to deal with painted 6 year olds)

(Of course, this could just be clever reverse psycology
Maybe I really like the idea of face painting badge and I'm just tricking you all into buying extra cookies by pretending I don't want you to buy cookies . . . . I'm sneaky that way!)

Monday, January 03, 2005

1. I got a cheese making kit for Christmas.
Dinner = Homemade mozerella cheese, Homemade bread, and Homemade Soup
Life is good

2. The VE job offer came through . . . kinda. (maybe)

The "boss" was surprised that I only planned to work 10 hours this week. (I thought 10 volunteer hours was appropriate).
Apperently she thinks I started this undefined job today.

But there's no job description
(Although she told me what she'd like me to do).

And while I told her what I needed salary-wise,
there's been no official discussion, acceptance of that number

Am I crazy for wanting to hold out for an actual AGREEMENT (and description) of some sort? (no, no I'm not!)

Maybe I'm just whiney.
Maybe I'm scared that the my silliness about a negative value education might be true (satisfaction-wise as well as financially).
Maybe I'm just cranky.
Maybe I just complain too much

3. I forgot what three was. . . ah well. Maybe later I'll remember

Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Future History of Media - a fabulous (perhaps frightening) flash video.

via Joe Gratz

There is only one way to defeat the enemy, and that is to write as well as one can
-Saul Bellow

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Part 5 in an continuing series
Part 1, 2, 3, and 4 are avaliable for your common education/amusement)

Some things just have to be learned the hard way - that's the only way to do it.
And sometimes, the hard lessons don't quite sink in the first time. Life, however, provides ample opportunity for remedial learners to repeat those lessons.

"Lessons Learned the Hard Way Part 5" will look suspiciously like "Lessons Learned the Hard Way Part 1." In fact, they are so similar that this post could actually just be a link to Lesson 1.

Methinks it's time to invest in heavy duty, non-crackable water bottles (or buy a one-way ticket to Hawaii).