Sunday, January 23, 2005

You may recall that last week's camp out didn't happen
BUT we were poised to try again this weekend

And then, it started to snow
Snow snow snow

Minnesota doesn't believe in plowing roads until after the snow has stopped (sometime we wait days/weeks to send out a snowplow).
This means a couple inches of snow is a traffic nightmare

Friday night people were canceling plans left and right because of the snow/road conditions
Winter Storm warnings scare people
And then, I got a call that one of my Girls had a fever

(Julie thought to herself, "Ugh, between sick kids and nasty road conditions, and a winter storm, this trip is never gonna happen. We're cursed!")
But I crossed my fingers anyway . . .

The storm came and went
The snow plows did their job
And three girls stayed healthy enough to GO CAMPING!
We left Saturday afternoon for a two day "Sleepover in the Woods!"

T'was a good weekend
We cross country skied and snow shoed (as best we could - every one was a complete beginner, so mostly we fell down and laughed!)

We played Uno (and invented a new version called "Do Whatever You Have to do to Tick Off Your Neighbor, Even if You Loose in the Process"

They threw snowballs at me.
I threw them into snow banks.
And then, they worked together to throw me into the snow (teambuilding activity!)

We made fun of the "other" girl scout troops
(You know, the ones that were watching silly PG movies, making paper snowflakes, and sleeping in buildings with flush toliets!)

WE slept in a tiny cabin. (don't let the quaint-ness of the word "cabin" fool you. It was four walls, a floor, enough electricity to power three light bulbs, and a little heater.
The bathroom was a short (cold) hike

We stayed up late, reading poems, sharing sketchbooks, and going through The Book of Questions.

We played with matches, spilled candle wax, ate hot dogs, wandered in the woods, and drank copious amounts of hot chocoalte and orange-sugar-water.

And just in case you're wondering,
My girls are fabulous!