Saturday, January 24, 2009

Philosophical About Facebook

I find it odd that people who wouldn't be my real life friend 20 years ago suddenly want to be my facebook friend now? I'm still the same dorky kid I was in 5th grade (except I live in a colder climate!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why Not Elope

I have reached the point in the wedding planning process where eloping is really looking like a good idea. I'm trying to keep things simple and am very lucky that my mom and My Beloved's mom are pretty laid back in letting me do what I want. But the rest of the world (including people who don't even know me) are not shy about telling me everything that I ought to do (or telling other people what I should want!)

But I'm not going to whine. . . there are enough happy things going on to keep me from running off to Vegas with my beloved. And the people who matter are giving me help when I need it (and space when I don't!)

* I am so very happy to be marrying a man who inspires me, protects me, loves me, and sweeps me off my feet (literally and figuratively). He is someone who makes me so very happy, someone will tell me stories whenever I ask, someone who plays with The Kitty, and someone who can deal with Stubborn Julie! I am the luckiest kid in the universe!

* I am going to have some fabulous friends doing the ceremony music. It is looking like I'll have a flute, violin, cello trio playing some stuff together as well as some solo stuff with piano accompaniment. (And Pachabell Cannon / Jesu Joy are NOT on the list of music!)

* My sister made me a mixed tape of stress relieving songs (including the song "Shut up" and Headstrong as well as Don't Worry Be Happy!

* Finding a place for the ceremony was initially a challenge (the mega-church were I occasionally attend services is not the most wedding-friendly place - AND they require couples to attend group classes which are only offered once or twice a year and seem to be at the most inconvenient times!) HOWEVER, my parent's church is graciously allowing us to use their space (and for much cheaper than we could get anywhere else!)

* For several reasons (outlined in a seperate post) I am not going to a bridal store to find a pre-made dress (which will just require too much money and millions of alternations). Rather I found a nice dress pattern (and Dear "ole Dad helped me find a seamstress) who will make me a beautifully elegant dress. (It's a very pretty dress, and I'm happy that I don't have to have a crew of people dressing me, or hoisting up the skit when I need to use the bathroom!)

* The big day is less than five months away!

* I am so very lucky to have a sister-in-law who is a pastry chef. (I am going to have the yummiest bestest wedding cheesecake EVER!)