Monday, January 10, 2005


The internet dating “thing” has been much more fun than I expected it to be. I went in with a curious mind – not an open one - and expected loosers, freaks, creeps, and con-artists (you know, people like me!) Of course there were a few loosers, freaks, creeps and con-artists, but even the weirdos asked interesting questions. (Some of which I'd never thought about before). A few of the exchanges are almost stand-alone blog worthy posts (in fact, two of the December posts were lifted from emails to potential cyber-suitors).

Rather than allowing this brilliance to waste away on internet boys that don’t even know my real name – I’ve decided to post some questions and answers here. You are certainly welcome to answer any question that peaks your interest -in the comments or on your own site - we could even turn it into one of those great big annoying 10 page blog quizzes!! (Or not).

Anyway, starting now, I'm posting assorted questions (and answers) whenever I lack inspriation for deeper more interesting posts. Consider yourself warned!

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
The "fairy-god-mother" type impossible wishes would include changing the educational system in America to benefit ALL learners (child/adult), Doing something to human teeth that made them resistant to decay and cracking (thus eliminating the need for dental appointments now and in the future), and creating a VRC-type device to record dreams (so we could re-play those weird dreams when we're awake, or watch people's. It'd be far more entertaining than television!!)

If the genie/fairy godmother told me to think of less-impossible wishes, I'd be much more selfish. First, magically pay off all student loans. Second, find a really good way for my grandmother and I to live closer without either of us feeling icky about relocating or starting over. Third, lifetime protection from car accidents for me and everyone that knows me. (Car accidents are my latest big fear. I've never been afraid of driving, so I'm not sure why I'm suddenly a scaredycat, but I am. Some sort of magical-lifetime-anti-accident-spray would be most useful in disguising my newfound whimpiness!)