Sunday, January 09, 2005


Trying to plan out my schedule for the next four months. The right side of my brain says, "Of course you're going to play in the symphony, volunteer with Girl Scouts, and finish school - afterall you're only going to be working part time."

Left brain says, "You don't know that! YA is still dragging their feet on this restructuring business, it's very possible that they'll keep you around until the end of January. VE needs you to start working more hours, and Girl Scout cookie sales are going to suck up a lot of your time above and beyond normal meetings. Plus the symphony is doing three concerts in the next four months with completely new music. AND that thesis-thing which is going to absorb all of Feb & March.

Right brain whines, "But I WANNA play in the symphony - they're doing Coopland, Brandenburg 3, and Russlan/Ludmilla. And my Girl Scouts *need* a stable leader."

Left brain replies, "You're NOT quitting school! And you HAVE to have some sort of gainful employment.

Right brain tries rationalize it, "But the point of school is to get an EDUCATION. I've gotten that - this Capstone Class is just a silly hoop jumper to get the dumb piece of paper . . ."

Left brain interupts, "Don't start. Non-negotiable."

Right brain tries again, "Do you remember life without orchestra?"

Left brain doesn't fall for it, "Yes, of course we missed it. But we also enjoyed having dinner, and going to bed at a reasonable hour. And even if rehearsals weren't an issue, do you really have time/energy to learn new music?"

In her best, spoiled child whinney voice, the right brain begs, "PLU-EZZE don't make me quit! pleasepleasepleaseplease"

Left brain replies in a calm grown up voice, "No one said anything about quitting. But, you can't do everything my dear."

Right brain realizes this is a loosing battle, but tries to argue anyway, "What am I going to blog about if I can't write, "Yipee! Symphony Rehearsal tonight!" ?? What if I become a melencoly blogger of boredom and stupidity that no one reads??"

Left brain retorts, "Maybe you should focus your writing energies on melencoly and boring thesis-like things. Besides *real* friends read no matter how boring you are."

Right brain goes into a tempertantrum, "That's mean! I hate you! If it weren't for Ms. Left Brain, I'd never be boring. I'd be a carefree, fun-loving hippie, living on a community farm, having enlightening conversations with intelligent people. I'd be interesting, completely fulfilled and HAPPY!

Left brain gets sucked in to the passionate argument, "Go ahead. Run off and be a 'carefree, fun-loving hippie' But the hippie-love-farm has a crappy new-age-Yanni-orchestra! Do you really want to do orchestra with a bunch of stoned kazoo players that play Kumbaya all day long?
And, in case you hadn't heard, the hippie-farm banned Girl Scout cookies in favor of raw granola! But, by all means, go. Be a happy, fulfilled, and spoiled, Yanni-brain!"

Right brain screams, "I'M SPOILED?! You're the one that always gets your way just because you're smart enough to win every argument. [starts to cry] And now you've ruined the hippie-farm dream too. I want a good orchestra on my farm. And cookies. And Brahms. [cries uncontrollably]

Left brain leans over to hug right brain.
She appoogizes for the "Yanni-Brain" comment.

The argument is over.
Symphony is on hold for a few months.
Sad, but necessary.