Monday, January 24, 2005

Yes, the New Twin Cities Public Radio station debuted this morning.
The first song they played was this Rap about Minnesota (And I said, "WTF?!")
But I happened to be on Lake Street at the time - - so instead of turning it off, I turned it up!
(When on Lake Street, do as the Lake Street-ians do!)

Let me quickly add that I hate the fact that our independent classical radio station is gone.
But, I think MPR is doing some moderately innovative things here.
I tuned in at various times today and heard some Johny Cash, Bob Dillian, U2, and Sinatra, ecletic unknown stuff that I've never heard before.
There is potential.

(The Morning Show will be a regular part of this new station. (The Morning Show would add class to anything).
I love Dale and Jim Ed - they make me laugh, and they play quality music!)
(Like the Easter Island Head song, and the Ann Bolyn song)

If you're curious, an Audio Stream is avaliable.
(And you're even allowed to like it - just don't like it too much - that'd be disloyal to the memory of WCAL!)