Sunday, August 26, 2007

Long Time No Post

Sorry kids - a ton of writing for work, and a glut of personal email, combined with the fact that I'm too busy to do anything interesting has resulted in blog silence. Plus, I'm really unhappy with this last template update and am spending my blog-time looking around for something better. AND it's so nice outside that I'd rather be playing than sitting at a computer thinking of clever things to write.

Here's the quick-n-dirty update (with more to follow!)

* Today is the one year anniversary of moving to my New Apartment! (This calls for a rootbeer float celebration - with homemade ice cream!!)

* I have NEW GLASSES! They're green and a little more fashionable/funky than I would normally go for (but I like them!)

* My little fourth grade orchestra babies are starting college last/this week (which means I need to think of a new name for them, since "The Valley Girls" is no longer appropriate).

* The Phil Glass Violin concerto has been stuck in my head all week (ear worms from minnimilist composers can get a little redundant).

* I attended an interesting workshop on instructional design - 'twas intriguing and I want to learn more.