Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Apartment

Remember that Sesame Street segment with three kids who want to paint?
One kid has paper (and is very sad because she can't paint)
Another kid has brushes (and is very sad because he can't paint)
And a third kids has paint (and is sad because he can't paint)
BUT THEN . . . they realize if each person shares all of them will be able to paint!

My roommate situation is kinda like that.

Between the two of us, we have everything a person could every want/need :-)

A waffle maker
And ice cream machine
Television Projector
Bread machine
Indoor bicycle rack
High Def. Television
An underground parking spot
Integrated stereo system
Yes, life has potentiatl to be pretty good here at Apartment de Julie. I have a georgeous apartment , work is minutes away, and there are TREES outside my bedroom window. (And did I mention the hot tub/ sauna??) There's one teeny tiny glitch - but really, who needs a refrigerator????

An infomative and inspiring post is marinating in the back of my brain - expect an original JulieVW piece sometime later this week!