Thursday, December 21, 2006

18 Things About Steph

1. She's one of the kindest people I've ever met (someday maybe I can take nice lessons from her

2. She's a frequent comemnt-er around her

3. She's now old enough to vote (instead of trying to influence my vote)

4. She's been accepted to Drake (with a very nice scholarship!)

5. She called me a spaz (Honestly, kids these days don't show any respect!)

6. She also thinks I'm a god.

7. She once encouraged me to question authority

8. She was one of four brave cello players that crammed into the little closet which was the orchestra room at a certain unamed elementary school where instrumental music was less-than-valued by an evil principal. (Of course, I'm not naming names - that would be unprofessional!)

9. I think she has a secret crush on my famous brother

10. If I ever get married, I hope she'll play March in the Style of Corelli at my wedding. (Go ahead and call me an elementary orchestra geek - but I LOVE that piece!)

11. She's my favorite hippie

12. She has the Orchestra 101 Rule figured out!

13. Happy Magical Surprise of Wonder still makes me smile

14. The Christmas card she sent came in a spiffy sparkly golden envelope (kind you might see in a fairy tale - if there were envelopes in fairy tales).

15. I have a silly story about her, french fries, and a McDonald's trivia game. And I still have the french fry box that corrosponds with the story!

16. 17 and crazy no longer applies!

17. She desperately wanted me to "adopt" her

18. Today is her 18th Birthday!

Welcome to the world of being (mostly) legal