Thursday, July 13, 2006

part four of a long neglected series

1. Phillip Glass Violin Concerto - You must listen to the second movement.
(Do it now!)
Brother Phil heard it on the radio the other night, fell in love, and introduced me this masterpiece.
(Not bad for a trumpet player, eh??)

2. Seeger Sessions by Bruce Springsteen - this has been mentioned on NPR a few times,
And is closely related to a project I'm doing for work.
My boss gave me the CD and said "Listen"
(I'm very glad I did!)

Your local library ought to have a copy.
If they don't, it is your civic duty to kindly request that they add it to their collection.
(If you happen to be a general music teacher you MUST buy this album!)

Recomendations is an ongoing series where I tell you what I think you should do. (Yes, I'm being bossy under the guise of helpful-ness. Sneaky eh?)
Past episodes in the series are avaliable here ,here , and here