Friday, May 19, 2006


I'm a day late on this post (sorry!)
But I just have to brag about someone who completely and absolutely deserves to be bragged about!

Long time readers may remember the amazing Delfi (who got a 106% on her first EMT test, and even started a blog, after a little bit of prompting!

Anyway, the whole world needs to know that *MY* delfi graduated from Paramedic School last night! And I am so very proud of her.

Back in the day, when ER wasn't the stupidest thing on television (and was actually something worth watching) Delfi and I would email a Friday morning review (or even a Thursday night review if we had strong opinions that couldn't wait until morning).

But then ER got really dumb, and I stopped watching. (And, based on the promos, it looks like they've gotten even dumber in the last few years. Someone just needs to pull the plug - it's the only humane thing left to do!)

Anyway, here's a public CONGRATULATIONS to the life saving Delfi. I'm thrilled to call you my friend and there's a happy chatty email coming to you this weekend! I hope you had a marvelous gradulation (and I'll be sending happy thoughts your way on June 2/3!