Sunday, April 30, 2006


Yeah, I'm still here -
I've just been self-censoring
So as to not bore you to death with my pseudo deep thoughts.
Despite being drug free for more than a week, I'm still pondering deep weird things that aren't worth writing about.

Also I'm up to my ears in big and important top-secret governement work.
(Well . . . maybe not "Top Secret" but there is a confedientiality agreement, so it's sorta like top-secert).

And it is important
Here's a quote from the handbook (just to show you how important this is)

Application review is one the most important parts of the Department of Education’s funding process and is designed to ensure. . . . [Blah Blah Blah] . . . The most critical step in application review is objective evaluation by reviewers like yourself. . . [Blah blah blah] . . . your reviews are the foundation for higher-level decisions

See how importnat I am!
Ho Hum . . .
I might have some big exciting news on Wednesday,
Or, I might not.
Maybe I'll decide to keep it a secret for a while,
(Because sometimes it's nice to hold onto a secert and keep it as something special just for yourself).

And on Friday, I'm going to a performance of Mozart's Requieum featuring the amazing KW (who, sadly, has never ever sung for me!)

And that's about it.
Except if I have to read one more exceprt from Champions of Change, I might explode. (More on that later).

Happy Sunday everyone.
I'll be back in a week or so,
Until then . . .