Sunday, April 23, 2006


I've been doing a whole lotta deep-n-profound thinking lately.
I don't know if it's actually deep-n-profound or just drug related insanity.

Spring sprung, pollen came out in full force, and I drugged up.

Normally pollen doesn't bug me - but this year it attacked before my body had time to adjust. Sneezing, sniffling, itchy throat.

Anyway, I've been sleeping and pretednging to be deep/philosophical and not much feeling like blogging.
It's all good now
And hopefully will stay that way
Because I don't like being drugged.

The robins living outside my window have four eggs in their nest
Jon came over last night for homemade pizza
AndI've been sleeping really really well
All this makes me happy.

I'm way behind on laundry,
My printer has gone psyco
And I'm missing Jenny's weddding this weekend.
All of this makes me unhappy

And that's it.
Have a lovely day