Wednesday, March 15, 2006

GOOD FOR ME (like lima beans)

I’m applying for a job.
You might think it’s dumb for me to write that here
(Esp. since the potato detective might be reading)

But I have absolutely no chance of landing this job.
It’s a national search,
The person who previously held the position is a Ph.D.,
With seven million years experience.

I really need a full time job.
After the last set of rejections, I’ve been reluctant to put any energy into a job search.
(Besides, I love my part time job!)

But, the hellish rigmarole of resume updating will be good for me (just like lima beans).
And, doing research for the cover letter = good for me (just like lima beans).
And, the exercise of thinking like a job applicant = good for me (just like lima beans).

Lima beans aren't that bad - -
You just close your eyes and do it.
(or make soup and hide them behind carrots, corn, peas, and onions!)

I don’t know if there’s a resume equivalent of vegetable soup.
But “Resume Soup” sounds like the title of a Shel Silverstein poem.