Thursday, December 29, 2005


One might suspect that one is in trouble when someone at work says, "Jul-eeee" in such a suspicious tone.

But one wouldn't know for certain that one was in trouble until suspicious-tone-person walks over, points a finger, and says, "You have a blog! You're a blogger!

Of course, she didn't accuse me quietly.
Everyone heard. (One person even ran over to her computer to see).

It's not a problem.
This site has a (loosely enforced) good name policy,
(not to mention I like working at VE)
So there's not a lot of incriminating stuff around here.

But I was surprised!
I've been so careful to refer to work as "VE"
And I watch my logs; there have been no hits for me on a work related subjects!
Very Surprised!

It was the Bartlett post thatgave me away.
Ms. Marketing Director was searching google for Hymn to Potatoes Reviews, and stumbled upon my entry about the office pet.

Her first thought was, "Wow. This person has been in our office and seen the potato."
Then she realized that JulieVW was me.

Ms. Marketing Director says she wants a blog now.
(I'm think she should title it "The Potato Decective.")