Thursday, November 03, 2005


My great grandfather was never ever sick a day in his life
Until he went to the hospital for something – and then it was all downhill
(At least that’s his version of the story. Everyone else sees things differently).
I disagreed with Grandpa Boomsa on a lotta things
(Like girls having to wear skirts on Sunday)
But we have the same independent streak when it comes to all things medical.

Remember when I fell off my bicycle?
I banged myself up pretty good.
But my amazing body did want it was supposed to do,
The bruises, scrapes, and such all healed beautifully.

Except my elbow still hurts – in fact I think it hurts worse now than it did before.
The responsible, grown up thing to do is get it checked out.
But that feels so much like giving up
I don’t want a sling, a cast, or physical therapy).
I just want whatever is wrong to fix itself.
Just like it is supposed to!

(Grandpa Boomsa would suggest onions from his garden to cure it. His onions were the best onions in the world. Alas, after he died, they sold his property as three lots, and a developer put new houses ontop of the soil that produced those onions - a diaster for onion connesuirs everywhere!)

Anway, I made a dr. appt. for tomorrow
Have I mentioned that I don’t like dr. appts?
The person I see is quite wonderful
But she's probably going to fuss over me – with x-rays and stuff.
And I’d be much happier without all of that.

And I still blame the dumb helmet!