Saturday, November 12, 2005


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Nothing to see.
Just a crazy old woman publicly day-dreaming about her imaginary farm

There's a lot to be said for having a large, common, house, but these Tiny Houses are spiffy! (And I like the idea of having my own space, and allowing everyone else to have their own space! And they're simple). I love it!
via The Sympathetic Vibration.

Currently reading My Ishmael. The Leavers and Takers lifestyle - and inventing something is exactly why I want to have a farm. Read more Daniel Quinn

Information on milking goats, (fresh milk in the winter is not natural - this suburban girl has a lot to learn!)
And Remember A half-dozen miniature poodles can kill an adult goat if they gang up on her
(what a funny picture!)

Someone else's farm
Too Amish-y for me (and a crapy website) but interesting - itfound be fun to visit (a "fact-finding-mission"

RESOURCES on Minnesota Co-Housing

Zephyr Valley (Forget starting my own farm, I could happily live in Zephyr Valley!)
Zepher Valley is a consensus-based community. Decisions concerning the land, buildings and community interactions are made at our group meetings twice a month. We value respect: for each other, the land and the world at large. This is manifested in non-violence, sustainable agriculture, open, honest communication, active connection with the larger community and personal responsibility. Members are individually responsible for their choices concerning personal finances, child rearing, spiritual practices, diet and the like.

Omega House
(Omenga house *is* my farm-dream, transplanted to the city, with a seperate farm!!)
We consider ourselves progressive, diverse, a bit artsy, ecologically-minded and open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, races and shoe sizes. We're on the liberal-minded end of the scale, non-smokers and we think living with people in intentional community is smart and fun

Monterey Co-Housing Page