Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Farm Plans

I live about an hour our from the cities - which in some ways in kinda nice (like having trees around!) but in other ways in not.

The other day, I had an hour and a half between downtown obligations (which is not enough time to go home - and too long to spend just driving around). SO I went for a lovely walk in a quaint little St. Paul neighborhood, and wandered into a book store

While wandering the bookstore I came across a book about backyard animals - which was rather fun to flip through and read up on. My not-so-secret-imaginary-dream is to live on a little little farm with a few other folks. (I've written a little about it here).

So, as I was leafing through this Backyward Barnyard book, and enjoying my 90 minutes of obligation-less-ness, I started thinking more about this farm.

I like to have a goat (for milk)
And a few chickens (for eggs, and chicken)
An outdoor cat (to keep the mice in check)
An indoor cat (to cuddle)
A dog (to be a dog)

I'd like the farm to have a pretty big garden with beans, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkins. (Which means I need to learn how to can beans, carrots, tomatoes,pickles,and pumpkin)

Also, there will be a small orchard with apple trees, pear trees, and cranberry trees.
(Cranberries grown on trees, right???) I've never had a fresh cranberry - where do they grow cranberries???)

And then, I'd like to have a wild berry patch somewhere on the property (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) - which could be dried (for oatmeal!) preserved, canned, or frozen. Plus a herb garden - and a cinnamon tree! (I would really like to have a cinnamon tree!)

I'm thinking the place would have a solar pannels and a few windmills - which probably won't get us off the grid, but it would reduce our dependency on the energy companies, and I want to be within bicycling distance (15-20 miles) of a city (with cultural activities and things).

At least that's the plan so far.
Now, back to reality