Sunday, November 21, 2004

Day Dreaming and Thinking

One knows that one's disposition has improved when one starts daydreaming again. It's been quite a while since I've dreamed and played "let's pretend" games with myself.

Today, I wanna live on an old-fashioned farm. You need a James Herriot sort of picture in your mind - everyone is outside working, creating, playing, learning and doing things like milking cows, sheering sheep, making candles and soap, picking wild strawberries. Laura Ingalls probably never had sunshine and 60 degree weather in November, but courtsey of the "let's pretend game" we can have an unseasonably warm and sunny day!

In my imagination there are 10-15 other people on the farm, and we all work together as one big happy team. There's a wise old woman (who tells "wise-old-woman-stories" while making cinnamon rolls). And a James Herriot kind of person that can teach me how to take care of the animals. There are a few kids running around, and dogs, cats, horses, coews, sheep, and chickens. (mmmmmmmm......fresh eggs!) Clothes are exclusively for comfort (not fashion) and no one notices if your socks don't match.

We have big dinners together on the farm, sing songs, act goofy, and spend a lot of time day dreaming (day dreaming in your day dreams - come on Julie - that's a little much!)

Oh . . . and Trees - trees are important! Let's put a little 2-3 acre wooded area behind the farm (with a creek!) And unlike James Herriot's world, there are computers with high-speed internet access (but we only use them for a couple hours each week!) And hot showers (indoor toliets are optional - hot showers and washing machines are required!)

Also, in a non-Laura Ingalls kind of way, people on this farm don't make their own clothes - we buy them just like everyone else in the 21st century ('cause I'm really bad at sewing/knitting/general fabric-domestic-type things, and have no desire to do something at which I suck!)

Pretend games aside - methinks a little break from the 'real world' might be nice. This kid is tired of school and tired of working for other people. (And SO TIRED of writing papers.) Someday I'm gonna have to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up. Right now the only thing that sounds fulfilling is playing, singing, working, and doing stuff on my pretend farm.