Monday, January 04, 2010

Ramona Quimby

Ramona Quimby books were among my favorite in 2nd and 3rd grade.
Do you remember when Ramona wore her jammies to school? She got a BRAND NEW pair of pjs (not hand-me-downs from her sister) and wore them to bed. The next morning she was so snuggly happy that she decided to put her clothes on over her jammies and go to school. (Alas, when she got to school it was very uncomfortable - but that's not important to this story).

This morning it was COLD.
Super duper COLD.
And while I know that real clothes are warmer than pajamas, I really didn't want to take off my warm jammies and put on clothes. I wanted to put clothes on over the pajamas and go to work all warm and snuggly.

Alas, I am not Ramona.
And one can't wear pajamas to work.
But one can remember Ramona and smile!