Monday, July 09, 2007

Worst Day of the Year

Long time readers might expect me to name Christmas as The Worst Day of the Year.

Alas, Christmas is only the Second Worst Day of the Year. Tomorrow is my CPR renewal day (and thus, The Worst Day of the Year).

Before I whine, let me disclaimer-ize that There Are A Lot of Reasons to Get (or Renew) CPR Certification . . .
(And if you haven't done so in the last year or two, you should find a class right now!) * It's the responsible thing to do
* Lottsa people (including my grandmother) die from heart attacks
* I get a super-duper-mega discount (thanks to girl scouts!)
* And (to quote the Red Cross Propaganda) "You Can Save a Life!"

And so, I'm taking one of my precious precious vacation days to skip out on work, wake up early, fight rush hour traffic to get across town, and take the renewal class.

The class is five very-much-not-fun hours of kneeling on a hard floor while counting to 30, over and over again. (And while I certainly appreciate that the CPR standards have gotten easier in the last 10 years, but the companion videos have gotten worse and worse. The acting used to be bad-enough-to-laugh-at, but now it is painfully bad).

Bah Humbug