Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Funeral Things

My Aunt died last week.
She was my second mom up until about the time I went off to college.

It was unexpected and I'm still in a bit of denial.
The funeral was yesterday.
It was real at the time, but so unreal right now

* It's a little creepy to think that I took a CPR class on Tuesday, and on Thursday she was dead from a heart attack. PLEASE go learn CPR.

* I'm glad it's socially acceptable for girls (me!) to cry. I felt sorry for the guys, because they wouldn't (couldn't?) cry.

* Preacher Man was un-impressive. He spoke too fast and it was obvious he was doing his stock funeral song-n-dance. He also got really mixed up on the names of the children - and did not apologize for calling Stephie "Steven").

* Good Funeral Homes are a good thing. (A good funeral home can make up for a crummy preacher-man).

* Grief is a weird thing. It's odd the things that suddenly make me sad (and the things that make me smile).