Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bad Boss

New Boss is bugging me tonight.

We were supposed to have a dinner meeting with a consultant.

Materials were sent late Monday night

(And, to be fair, there were a TON of pre-materials)

I had yesterday off and was not able to look at the stuff.

So today, I came in early (way early) to read and prep for the meeting.

I pushed my intern off on someone else, and ignored all my other calls/emails.

Then, after I've finished reading through the material, New Boss decides to cancel the meeting because HE HASN'T PREPARED! (New Boss was also not prepared for our last meeting with this consultant!)

Now, maybe New Boss has had other pressing mattes to attend to. (BUT . . . he had all day yesterday to get ready. AND he was goofing off this morning. (In fact, he was goofing off loudly enough that I had to more from my desk to the conference room).

I'm angry about wasting the consultant's time

I'm angry that I made of point of coming in early (yet boss couldn't be bothered).

I"m angry that boss is going to get credit for this project

I'm angry that I drove to work today (instead of bicycling) solely because we were supposed to meet tonight. (Esp. with gas prices at their high point of the season!)

I'm angry that boss DARED ask me to plan another dinner meeting for next week. (No way, I'm not doing dinner meetings with him ever again - from now on it will have to be work-hour meetings).

I'm angry that New Boss gets paid almost twice my salary, yet I am doing twice the work he is.

This is a continuing problem

Obviously I ought to talk to New Boss.
Talking to him would be far more professional than blogging about it!)

But I was (AM) way too angry to do it today.