Saturday, July 21, 2007

Almost Stream of Conscious

* O. is a camp buddy. One of the many things I love about O. is that she is not stingy with the word "brilliant!"
I could say something terribly mundane (like, "Let's have cheese sandwiches for lunch").
And O. would reply, "BRILLIANT!"
(Once I told O. how much I love her "BRILLIANT!"s, and she started doing it more often - just to make me happy!)

*I just finished reading Museum - which presents interviews with people who work at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. My favorite interview is with the guy who works at the information desk. He talks about how much he enjoys Brittish tourists (specifically because they say, "BRILLIANT!" at the end of every sentence. (I thought of you O. - miss 'ya!)

*Speaking of all things British - my roommate has gotten me hooked on Doctor Who. (I'm seriously falling in love with this show).

*I should be reading the last Harry Potter book. But Harry Potter madness will have to wait until the Doctor Who obsession passes. This is ok - - I read the unauthorized NYT advance review which indicates that half a dozen people are going to die. (And my emotional reserves are overwhelmed with real-life-death and grief; I'm not interested in adding fictional death to the mix).

* While looking up more information on Doctor Who (because I'm behind and have lottsa questions!) I came across a wikipedia entry which says that David Tennent's mother died on Sunday. And I wonder how his emotional reserves are doing. (And why people seem to be dying left-n-right?). It must be crummy to grieve publicly, and I feel sad for him.

* I'm now running Linux on my home computer. (I realize that Linux plus Docotor Who puts me on the slippery slope to becoming a computer geek. (I would try to argue my way out of this by telling you that it's a "gooey" version of Linux, but I fear that such talk would only confirm suspicions that I'm days away from getting a Think Geek Account).

* I'm not happy with my template update. Maybe it's time to make friends with a professional designer.

* I am suddenly very tired (and wanting to go to bed). Good Night