Sunday, June 10, 2007

Somebody left the door open and let the real musicians in.

Cellofourte, which now plays mostly original music written by its members, is in fact trying to distance itself from other all-cello bands . . . by stressing its adherence to the natural sound of the instruments.

"The thing about other four-cello groups [is that] they immediately go to the effects pedals and distortion," said Mr. Olsen. "We avoid that because we have worked many years to get a good sound out of a cello and why throw that away? And if you are good, you can get all the cello tendencies with the bow. Why resort to processing?"

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Cellofourte website (and I would be remiss, in a post like this, by not linking to Rachel Barton-Pine. If you don't already own Storming the Citadel, come to my place, and we can have a listening party!)