Friday, June 01, 2007

A Reason to Practice

It's nice outside again.
Which means my windows are open.
And my smoking neighbors are out on the balconies puffing toxins.
And their second-hand smoke goes right into my open window.

I've tried a lot of things to get them to stop.
Sliently willing them to quit didn't work.
Baking yummy smelling foods doesn't overpower the smell.
And shouting "smoking kills people" as I slam the window shut doesn't work either.

* * *

Every few months someone writes an article about how such-n-such city is playing classical music to deter kids from loitering outside shops or in parks.

As a person who works in music education, I'm not particularily a fan of using great music to chase people away. But . . . did you know that if I open the window, pull out my violin, and practice the Vitali Chacoone, my smoking neighbors will go inside?!

(I usually use a practice mute when playing inside my apartment. From now on, I only mute when the smokers are inside!)