Thursday, June 21, 2007

Girl Scout Trainer

I'm teaching my first Girl Scout Outdoor Training tonight -
I'm nervous!

Here on Planet Julie there are three kinds of nervousness . . .
Good Nervous starts a few weeks before the actual event. Good nervous makes you plan practice and prepare. Good nervous keeps you on your toes and makes things go well.

Bad Nervous happens when Good Nervous doesn't - it's the kind of scared that comes from lack of preparation.

There's also Un-known Nervous which is the way one would feel before a blind date. No one knows what to expect or what's going to happen. Not knowing can be an adventure (but it also contributes to nervous-ness!)

I'm feeling all three kinds of nervousness
Having been a camp counselor/leader, I know this stuff backwards, forward, and upside-down. I've reviewed the objectives, typed up notes, and found the reference pages in Safety Wise. In terms of content I am very prepared.

But, I'm not really ready.

If we were doing things the "normal" way, I'd attend a "Train the Trainer" workshop and then apprentice with an experienced trainer two-three times before leading something on my own.

But they are short of Trainers
And because I know the material - and have experience teaching, they've asked me to jump in.

I can share everything I know, but I'm sorta of an imposter!
(An officially sanctioned imposter, but still . . . )

On a side note - I'm training at one of the nearby camps. I think the director at this camp is an anonymous blogger I've never met!) It would be neat to hve a blogger unveiling moment!