Saturday, May 12, 2007


I’ve been offered a Girl Scout “promotion”
Instead of simply being a Troop Leader, I’m also going to be a Trainer.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the title “Trainer”
It makes me think of a dolphin trainer
(Except GS Trainers don’t get a wet suit).

I’ll be helping adults learn how to be Girl Scout leaders.
And teaching outdoor skills (like firebuilding and knife safety).
This is kinda funny because I’m not very good at making fires.
And I’m not a big fan of that nylon/soap contraption.
Or sit-a-pons.
And I much prefer plain ‘ole graham crackers to s’mores.

But other than that, I love GS overnights.
And I think more adults should be GS leaders.
So I’m excited that I’ll get to be a part of getting more leaders/overnights.

Being a Girl Scout Trainer will give me experience teaching adults – which is a hole on my resume.
It’ll also even out my presenting experience.
AND I’ll get a special pin.
Plus an official GS Leader Trainer Shirt!
(Who doesn’t love having an official shirt?!)