Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bill & Joyce

Joyce and Bill were cool
They were among my non-related “grown-up” friends.
Also, they were foster parents.

It was an exciting thing when one of their foster babies got adopted.
And it was exciting when they got a new baby.
Sometimes I babysat for them
(and Joyce always left out the BEST snacks!)

Bill and Joyce had a granddaughter who lived out east somewhere
I never knew her, or even knew about her -
until she decided to go to the same college I decided to go to.

Suddenly I heard all about from Bill & Joyce was their granddaughter.
And how “wonderful” it would be if we because roommates.
And how I should look her up.
And become friends with her.

I arrived at college,
And did look her up.
And it was obvious that Joyce had told her all about me.
We never became friends.
We saw each other a few times
And had some common acquaintances
But she was . . .. just not friend-material.

I know Joyce was excited about the two of us going to the same college.
But it was probably a little silly of her to hope that we’d become friends.
The only thing we really had in common with each other was Joyce and Bill.
And (as cool as they were) Joyce and Bill are hardly the foundations of a friendship.

Years and years and years later, I can understand Joyce’s excitement.
I just found out that a teenager from one area of my life is going to the same college as a teenager from another area of my life.
And I’m having a hard time not telling them about each other.

If they did meet of become friends,
It’s highly unlikely that their conversations would lead back to me.
(Believe it or not, their lives do not revolve around me!)
But I understand a little bit about how Joyce felt.