Monday, April 09, 2007


* Easter was good – Dinner included cheesy potatoes and asparagus (and there were enough leftover for today’s lunch! What more could a person ask for!?) PLUS someone at work brought in leftover cake – so I even have an afternoon snack! It’s a beautiful day!

*I’m thinking about taking a class this summer – but it has to be something that won’t require writing papers. (Because the thought of writing another academic paper makes me want to run away and join the circus). A short course in American Sign Language sounds intriguing, and I’m also thinking it’d be good to take a refresher on all that Spanish I’ve forgotten since high school.

*Scotland’s Burning (also known as “The Stupidest Song Ever Written”) is stuck in my head.

*I’d very much like to take a day off work to do some serious spring cleaning (but that seems like an improper use of a day off!) Dear ‘ole Dad always liked to clean on his days off. Is this the first sign that I’m turning into my parents?