Sunday, March 11, 2007


Part of my job involves scheduling educational workshops for out-of-town guests. When the guests arrive, I get to drive these guests to and from the workshops.

During one of the weeks that my blog was locked up in the spam vault, I got to play chaffeur to a Brillant Famous Composer. (Like presidential recognition and GRAMMY award kind of famous). But unlike what you might expect from a famous person, this fella was very personable and happy to talk to anyone/everyone that I put in front of him, and I often had to drag him away from one workshop so we could get to the next.

It was an amazing week. I learned so much from being with him, listening to his workshops, and talking with him during the car rides. On Sunday, I attended a performance of one of his pieces. Wowie Zowie! If you ever want to have an amazing experience, hang out with a composer for a week, listening to him lecture on his work and then go see it performed. Amazing!

I was kinda sad when he left.
I didn’t get to say goodbye, because I was in the middle of a program and could not slip away. We had some nifty adventures and accomplishments together (and I hope I get to work with him again soon!)

Accomplishemnt - Due to confidentialy issues, I can’t say much about this, but at one point in the week, Famous Composer really connected with a student who had a troubled past. I was able to get the kid sprung from prision for an afternoon so he could attend the Sunday concert, and come backstage as a special guest.

Adventure - I am not the only driver for out-of-town guests. My co-workers also drive folks to various appointments/events. After a late-night radio interview, my boss took Famous Composer to a grocery store to pick up snacks-n-things. The next day, he asked me to take him back to that grocery store. (because he wanted grapes!) Alas, I don’t know that part of town as well as my boss, and had no idea how to get to the particular store. “No problem,” said Famous Composer, “If you can get us back to the hotel, I think I can remember and figure it out!” Teamwork is an amazing thing, and we were indeed able to find the grocery store (and even navigate back to the hotel!) That was not the only time we got lost this week - but that’s the only Navagation Story I’m sharing.

Accomplishment - Famous Composer visited a suburban school and jammed with a 6th grade band student. The kid started out very tenatively and nervous (can you blame him?) But after a few minutes he let loose and magic happened. (I get goosebumps just thinking about it).

Adventures - Sitting near him at rehearsal. Watching him at the performance. Getting a hug and kiss the day after the performance. Talking about the review (which he refused to read, and didn't want to hear about!)

Accomplishment - Both of us being awake for an early morning workshop hours after a late night radio interview.

Living composers are gosh darn cool!
(And tomorrow, we have Another Famous Composer coming to town! Yipeeee!!!)