Saturday, February 10, 2007


I could write about this week, and why I'm stressed, and such.
But it's much more fun to share the random amusing tidbits
Yes, I'm an easily amused dork - but that's part of my charm!

1.This week it was cold enough for my favorite mitten trick - When it it really really really cold out (like 40 below) and you're wearing your really thick mittens, breathe into them for a few minutes. This does two things. One, you aren't breathing the super cold air. Two, when you stop breathing into your mitten, and hold it out infront of yourself, it'll look like it's steaming!!

2. En route to work on Wednesday the I Know and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly song got stuck in my head. All day long I was humming "I don't know why she swallowed that fly; I guess she'll die." You would think I would get sick of it, but for some reason it entertained me all day long!

3.Finally, I got to meet my new Girl Scout troop. These girls are all in second grade (7-8 years old). Before the meeting started they were talking about their mom's purses. One girl said, "My mom has had her purse since before I was born. It's from the 20th century!" (How's that for making you feel old!)