Wednesday, January 10, 2007

College Memories

More than a few of my loyal blog readers are Ramen Noodle fans.
And when I saw this tidbit, I thought you ought to know.

Last Friday, Momofuku Ando, inventor of instant ramen noodles and chairman of the company that makes Top Ramen, passed away.
via Defective Yeti

I myself eat generic ramen (the kind you can get for 10 cents, unless of course there is a sale and I can get REAL ramen for 10 cents. (Synders had a such a sale last week, but they ran out pretty quickly and by the time I got there the asiles were bare. Unfortunately Sunders doesn't do rain checks. But that's probably way more information than you wanted to know!)

In other college-related-death news, Robert Stafford, creator of the Stafford Loan Program also died.

I never would never have been able to afford college if it weren't for Stafford Loans and Ramen noodles. Thank you to both of these wonderful fellas who helped to ensure that I'd get an education!