Friday, December 15, 2006

This Week

This week I helped a poet think of the perfect word – In my imagination this word is the missing piece to a poem that becomes famous, launching the poet to unheard of fame and fortune. In reality, that’s not the way things work; the poet and I were in a rather mundane conversation when she got stuck for a word. (But still . . . )

This week I grieved the death of a colleague – why do people die? why? why? why?

This week I watched season one of Slings & Arrows – Wowie Zowie! I purchased it thinking it could be a good Christmas present for brother Andrew. (Of course, I had to preview it before giving it to him!) Having watched it, I’m not sure Andy would like it (and maybe I want to keep it for myself). It is an absolutely BRILLIANT show (and I’m debating if I should check out season two from the library, or just buy it).

This week I received my first REAL Christmas Card - from Papa VW! Happiness abounds! (I did get a card from a local dentist earlier in the season – but that doesn't count. Cards shipped through bulk mail from dentists I don’t know are automatically disqualified from Official Christmas Card status)

This week I had an embarrassing moment with my laundry – A story that really deserves its own blog post (maybe this weekend).

This week I fought the worst ear worm in history – An occupational hazard (and lemme tell ‘ya – once you get Run, Shepards, Run! in your head NOTHING will get rid of it!)

This week I “fired” an apprentice – In retrospect, I should have said “You’re fired” (just like Donald Trump). Instead I whimped out with, “If you want to continue in this program, you will need to re-apply.” (yeah, I'm not good with conflict).

This week I ate popovers with my mom – popovers are yummy!