Friday, December 22, 2006


Here's the thing.
After eight years of doing this "not home for Christmas" thing, I've figured it out . . .
If I go into it with a miserable attitude I'm usually surprised by how nice things turn out. (And if I go in with a pretty good attitude, everything is a dissapointment).

There are a lot of nice things about Christmas (like holding snuggly foster-baby cousins all night long, hanging out with my grandmother, and seeing people I rarely get to see). BUT there are a lot of stuff that's not so nice (two days of rather boring travel, the lack of shower facilities, enforced 24 hour family bonding time, and the utter boredom that is "tradition").

So please disregard my bad Christmas attitude - I feel a little guilty for my lack of Christmas cheer and joy. But maybe in the long run it'll end up being a good thing.

In the meantime - bah humbug