Friday, November 17, 2006

Conference Presentation ??

So . . . I just submitted my first proposal to present at a professional conference.

They basically just needed a title and a 100 word description of the presentation.

Coming up with a 100 word description is easy –
(particularly if you have a list of Educational Jargon hanging by your desk)

The submission guidelines are very vague.

So my proposal is a vague description about one of the programs I manage.

They might want something more related to their theme – but my boss encouraged me to take a chance.

(I’m not sure if she meant I should take a chance and do a presentation, or if the program should take a chance with this conference).

They’ll notify me in December if the proposal has been accepted.

It would be spiffy to say that I’ve presented at a Conference.

But I’m not completely sure that I want to go through all the work of creating a presentation.