Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dead Air

Yeah, things have been quiet around here.

Partly because my stupid internet provider got bought out by another stupid interner provider, and as they were switching things over from one system to another something got broken – which means I’ve been internet-less. (My hacker roommate has happily riged something up until the tech arrives next week).

Work has been crazy busy with a media frenzy. One of the programs I manage got some nice coverage in a major paper this week, as well as another article in a tiny local paper. AND THEN a television program picked up on the story, and called to see if they could feature us on their show. Crazy-ness I tell you. Absolute crazy-ness! (Media attention is nice and good – but when you are dealing with kids, it means a lot of release forms!)

In other news . . .

I got flowers from someone (not romantic) They are beautiful!

My grandmother visited this weekend. It was good.

I went to church for the first time in ages (and survied!)

The weather this weekend was GEORGEOUS

Suburban libraries are awesome (I'm number 17 on the Artemis Fowl list in the city system, but the suburban system has it avaliable right now! I used my old card to put it on hold, and by this time tomorrow I'll have Artemis Book 5!!!)

I have a Girl Scout meeting tomorrow night (which is good, I can swing by the library on my way over!) We're going to actaully be sorta GS-like and celebrate Juliet Lowe's birthday. This is my 4th to last meeting )-:

This receipie for cinnanom walnuts is really really good (and it *is* very aromatic!)