Tuesday, September 05, 2006

* It's back to school day around here, and I'm really really glad I'm no longer a teacher (is that a really horrible thing to say? Back to school day is always exhausting, and while everyone does settle into a routine - the first month is long.

* I wonder if I'll ever be graceful enough to walk and chew gum without biting my tounge?? (Do they teach that in ballet lessons?)

* Someone from a nearby school googled my site today. It makes me a little concerned (not much, because I've gotten more discrete - but still!!)

* So today, I took a walk around a little pond near my place. (There was a walking path I needed to explore). At the far end of the pond were ducks (lots and lots of ducks). They were blocking the path, so I walked on the grass to get around them. AND THEN . . . three of the darn ducks started following me, and then all the other ducks started following him. I kid you not - there were probably three dozen ducks waddling along behind me for about 1/4 of the way around the path. (I tried to take a picture - but the camera phone can't focus well on moving/waddling ducks). It was half weird, half funny. (And, yes, I'm going back tomorrow to see if I can make them do it again!).

* I was going to write a long treatise on my new brand of kitty litter. But that was too boring. Instead I wrote these three sentences about not writing about kitty litter. (Wasn't that fun?)

* The people who live in the apartment next to mine are smokers. And they smoke on their balcony. Smoke really bothers me. (Even good clean campfire smoke bothers me). I hate closing the window, but I hate the second-hand smoke wafting into my bedroom. Such a deliema.

* Did you know the word "boycott" comes from a fella who was named Chalres Boycott? You can't make this stuff up! Charles Boycott ticked off some of the sharecroppers working on his land, so they refused to farm for him (and got his servants to join in too! They also had his mail stopped, and canceled all of his food deliveries. Other people picked up on the idea, and pretty soon boycott became a regular word. (Isn't etimology fun?!)

* I really need to go to bed now.