Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's cold and rainy.
A perfect day for homemade bread
I was going to make soup too - but don't have any bullion/stock handy.
And while I could run to the grocery store and pick up some - I'm not.

Sunday is really sort of an anti-shoping day for me
I grew up in a tradition where Sunday as a "Day of Rest" was taken literally. After church/dinner, we were expected to get into bed and nap. (My parents napped all afternoon. We kids spend the day being bored and thinking up games we could play in bed).

Sunday was a no playing outside, no shoping, no-nothing kind of day. Exceptions were made on occassion - and as I got old enough to make my own choices, I made lots of exceptions (laundry, homework, bicycle rides, baking, cleaning and even working on occassion!) But for the most part, shoping on a Sunday feels just a little bit unnatural. (Particularily in the afternoon).

And so, it'll a soupless day.
But cinnamon toast (on homemade bread) and Earl Grey tea is really good too!