Saturday, September 02, 2006

It’s been a good summer.

I got to take my girl scouts camping and mountain biking.
I found a beautiful apartment, moved (and even unpacked a bit!)
I went to a storytelling workshop, an African drumming workshop, a diversity workshop, and got me a Franklin planner!

I paid off that pesky federal student loan, replaced my broken bread machine, and went jet skiing for the first time (I really really liked jet skiing!)

I started my new full time job (with benefits!), watched Serenity and am about half way through all of the Firefly episodes (excellent stuff!)

I read the Hero Project (excellent) and Saddako (five stars).

GSUSA gave me some special leadership awards; I got to spent two weeks with my grandmother, and had dinner with Papa VW.

T'was a good summer.
The list is not completely complete (But it never is).
I still need to see the Bodyworlds exhibit, build my private studio, and read Beloved. There's a lot of unpacking to do, and dreams of publication have been ignored.

But that's ok. It’s been a good summer.

And now, it’s time for the fall list!

Open savings account
Beging building short term savings
Make one significant payment on the Perkins loan
Expand my private studio

Start making my grandmother's Christmas present
Buy new brown dress shoes
Get a new library card (new town = new library!)
Church visits

Extraneous Fun
Pick apples
Take nephew to local Fort
More bicycle adventures!

Read Ben Franklin's Autobiography
Take a Brain Gym Course
See Body Worlds Exhibit
Take a community eduation course
Join a book club???