Friday, August 25, 2006

OK - this could get a little convoluted, but stick with me.

1. I eat breakfast every day. Lack of breakfast makes me very very cranky!

2. It doesn't matter what is (oatmeal, stuffed peppers, pancakes, tacos, fruit, ice cream etc.) as long as I have food!

3. Lots of people can't understand point #2. (Once I had a hot dog plus baked beans for breakfast which made my aunt go just a little crazy, but whatever).

4. I don't much care for football.

5. When I was in college, I didn't much care for home-game football weekends. (The library and computer lab were always very empty, which was nice, but . . . )

6. It didn't matter how miserably cold, wet, or hot the day. CUI Food Service (CUIFS) always had a "tailgater" party for Saturday lunch on foodball weekends. This meant I had to walk all the way to the field house (even if it was raining) to eat the same crapy "picnic" food we'd eaten at the last "tailgate" party. Ugh.

7. Sometimes, if I had money and all of my friends had money, we'd go to Subway. But it was always very crowded there on football weekends (and we rarely all had moeny enough to go out).

8. Most college students choose to sleep through Saturday morning breakfast. But my violin teacher had studio classes on Saturday, so it's not like I was able to sleep in. (And I need breakfast!)

9. The CUIFS-folk knew that most students don't eat Saturday morning breakfast, so they usually didn't try too hard. (Rasin bread and cereal was about the extent of things).

10. The only good thing about home football game weekends (besides the empty computer lab) was Saturday breakfast. Someone in CUIFS decided that football players needed a good breakfast. And so, football Saturdays meant eggs, spaghetti, pancakes, waffles, bacon, and ham! 11. Spaghetti makes a great breakfast, and it's not something you can often get, unless you are at home. (But that really has nothing to do with anything, so don't worry too much about that point).

12. I really don't care about football. But next week, the Central team is playing against a school near my new apartment. (The local school also happens to be my boss's alma matter -- but that's also not really relevant).

13. Central sent me an inviation to come to a pre-game "tailgate" party at this nearby school and cheer on the team.

14. I'm not going. I don't care about college football (and neither does my boss, so it's not like we can even have some good natured rivilary).

15. Here's the thing, Central is going to host an awesome awesome "tailgate" party with real food in one of the plush conference rooms at this local school.

16. There's injustice there somewhere. I know alumni are supposed to be wined and dined but. . . why couldn't they give us a nice (or even just a slightly-more-than-sub-standard) football lunch back when I was a student?

17. Part of me wants to get really rich, so I can make a donation and put on a restriction about serving decent lunches to Central students just before a football game. (Alas, it doesn't look like I'm going to get really rich anytime soon).

18. That's it. I really need to pack. (Tomorrow is moving day!)