Thursday, August 24, 2006

Notes from Storytelling Workshop

* Consider your relationship to the story. Choose your point of view (ex: Tortise and Hare from pov of Tortise's best friend).

* Don't memorize like a script. Know the story (Make a storyboard - six pictures to remind you in case you forget sequence).

* Use five senses to provide details (but don't overdo it! My partner got way bogged down in describing a tree - which really took away from the plot of her story).

* Find a storytelling partner to give you positive feedback (and you give them positive feedback too!)

* If the story surprises you with an unexpected twist (and you're brave) go ahead and follow it. Stories are not static.

* Spending an afternoon telling stories (and listening to a storytelling partner tell stories) is a lot of fun. I highly recomend it!!

Judy Sima
National Story Tellers
Jack Zipes
Raising Voices