Sunday, July 23, 2006


I’m not really a Tour de France aficionado.

But my brothers are – so by virtue of osmosis, I am an interested spectator. (Besides, the Tour is way more interesting that all that world cup who-ha, or the baseball stuff, or just about any other stupid sport!) Anyway, because I have nothing else to offer, here are my random Bicycle/Tour musings.

1. The last 10 minutes of a televised race are interesting (real live races are much more fun! I like to go to Phil's races and ring jingle bells as encouragement!)

2. Only July 1, I wanted Rasmussen to win the tour (really, I wanted him to win last year, but this year would have been good too!)

3. Today, I’m really happy for Floyd Landis (go USA!)

4. Phil says that Floyd has the same type of bicycle that I have (something about triangles – I know he doesn’t have one exactly like me, ‘cause I have an older mountain bike with under-inflated tires. The underinflated tires drive my brothers crazy, but makes riding in the forest preserve much less bumpy).

5. All of my bicyles have been used and refurbished. The pretty purple one of my childhood was pulled from my grandfather’s garbage route, as was the dorky gold one of my teenager hood. My current (under-inflated) mountain bike is one that Jon outgrew and permanently loaned to me. I think it’s a little big (I really have to stretch for my toes to touch the ground) but the brothers say I really ought to have it set up higher.

That’s it.
Boring? Yes.
Maybe I’ll get interesting tomorrow