Friday, June 16, 2006


When I was a kid, Dear ‘ole Dad would frequently refer to his family as “The Entourage.”

Most of the time people laughed – which made dad happy (and embarrassed us!)

There were a lot of VW kids.
But we were generally fairly well behaved (most of the time).

Sometimes, on wonderfully rare occasions, Dear ‘ole Dad would “release” us from best behavior.
And those were glorious moments!

Once upon a time we were on a family vacation,
And Dear ‘ole Dad reserved a hotel room one day in advance.
When we got to town, Dear ‘ole Dad discovered that the hotel was a dump.

The hotel had a weird cancelation policy,
So Dear ‘ole Dad brought his delightful Entourage into the roach hotel lobby and released us.

[Insert Evil Laugh]

While Dear ‘ole Dad and Mother Dear talked to the fella at the front desk,
One VW child went over to look at every single magazine on the rack.
Other VW children wandered over to the television
Two of us invented a bouncing game to play on the couch.
And of course, we all helped ourselves to the candy dish!

We weren’t being naughty,
but there were a lot of kids,
and we were all over the place.
Which tends to make people nervous.

Dear ‘ole Dad asked the roach hotel clerk we could see the room,
At which point the sibling bickering began

“Wow, this is big.”

“No, It's SMALL.”

“I was being scarcastic."

"Compared to houses in India this is big”

“This isn't India”

“I never said this was India – if it were India we wouldn’t have hamburgers for dinner”

“Mommy, where is India?”

"We had hamburgers for lunch - can we have something else for dinner?"

"We had cheese sandwhices for lunch - yesterday was hamburgers."

"I need to go potty!"

Roach Hotel owner was happy to cancel the reservation, and the VW family found a slightly less dumpy hotel, where the VW children spent the night doing schoolwork, and lived happily ever after.