Thursday, June 15, 2006

Charles Peguy

God Speaks:
I don't like the man who doesn't sleep, says God.
I am talking about those who work and don’t sleep.
I pity them. I have it against the. A little.
They won’t trust me.
They have the courage to work.
They lack the courage to be idle.
To stretch out. To rest. To sleep.
Poor people, they don’t know what’s good.
Those who don’t sleep are unfaithful to hope.
They look after their business very well during the day.
But they haven’t enough confidence in me
To let me look after it during the night
As if I wasn’t capable of looking after it
During one night
Human wisdom says,
Don’t put off until tomorrow
What can be done the very same day.
And I tell you:
Put off until tomorrow
Those worried and those trouble gnawing at you today ...
Put off until tomorrow
Those tears which fill your eyes and your head,
Flooding you, rolling down your cheeks,
Those tears which stream down your cheeks
Because between now and tomorrow, Maybe I, God,
Will have passed your way.
Blessed is the one who puts of until tomorrow
That is to say, blessed is the one who hopes
And who sleeps.