Saturday, May 20, 2006


If you were to translate my full name (from Latin, Hebrew and Dutch, into English) it would come out as "Youthful Grace From the Water"

The "youthful" part is right on.
The "graceful" part - not so much.
And those of you who have seen me swim know how silly "From the Water" is.

I'm happy to play in the water, but I'm a horrible swimmer. My first year of camp counseloring, I failed the deep water swim test (which was sort of embarrassing, but gave me an instant bond with any camper who didn't pass the deep water swim test - solidarity in the shallow end!)

Someday I probably ought to take swim lessons - but I hate getting my face wet. (Wet for a second or two while you jump into the lake is ok - but putting your head underwater and keeping it there is just craziness!)

Youthful Grace From the Water - it makes me giggle!