Tuesday, May 16, 2006


My brother Phil is my new hereo.
Phil announced that he has declared his major - philosophy.
I've always known he had philosophical interests, but a philosophy major???
The boy is just too smart for me.
But that's not why he is my hereo.
* * *

I know most of you get by with significantly less sleep than I; For some folks, six hours is a luxury. But I am the type of person who requires 8+ hours of sleep a night. I'm a sleeper!

The last three weeks have been busy/moderately stressful (work events, baby-madness, grant review, etc.) and I've been getting less than my RDA of sleep.

Last night, I was FINALLY able to get to bed early. I hit the pillow hard and zonked out. Alas, a few hours later the phone rang with a baby-emergency. "Julie, can you come sit with Miller while we take care of Anderson?"

Phil jumped in and volunteered before I could get out of bed. Because of Phil I slept (and slept and slept) for 10 hours. Phil is my hereo!