Tuesday, May 30, 2006


1.) I am rather impatient - especially with myself other people (Other people are allowed to make mistakes, but I have it in my head that I have to be perfect).

2.) I don't trust anything popular. If everyone else is doing it, then it's probably something that I don't want to do. Other cultres are cool - I love to learn about different people.

3.) I play violin/cello/viola/piano - but not as well as I'd like. Sight-reading is evil.

4.) Profanity makes me laugh - deep down I think I'm uncomfortable with it and laugh as a coping mechanism. If you say a naughty word, I'll probably giggle.

5.) TV bores me. Sometimes I need to kill off a few brain cells, but most of what I see on television is awful. I'm 30 years old - but love to watch Arthur on PBS.

6.) I like to bicycle and play with the dog (dog play includes walking, frisbee, and sometimes running in the field at the park). I'm a baby-geocacher (see button to left).

7.) I like cottage cheese too. (Ramen noodles not so much).

8.) I've taken the beginning downhill skiing lesson three times from three different instructors and I'm still pretty terrible. Some people just aren't supposed to be downhill skiers.

9.) My roommate from college now lives in Colorado. But before you become a Colorado music teacher there you might want to read about Tresa Waggoner.

10.) I tend to get defensive at the slightest criticism. I need to fix that.