Thursday, April 06, 2006


I’m tired.

My body is still on a non-daylight savings time schedule.

I’m not tired at my actual bedtime,

and exhausted in the morning when I’m supposed to wake up.

They say when you travel, you should allow 1 day of adjustment for every hour of time difference.

It’s been four days and I’m still not adjusted to this 1 hour difference.

And I’m tired.

Contributing to my exhaustion = nightmares.

I dreamed my grandmother died

And I had to stay overnight at the funeral home.

The funeral director (his name is Eddie) offered to let me sleep on the pads from caskets

But I decided to use MY sleeping bag.
(The Purple One)

It was weird.

Not scary weird – but “Sleeping-on-a-hard-floor-in-a-strange-place” weird

And my grandmother was dead.

On a happier note – Congratulations to the Seventh Hour Valley HS Orchestra!

They kicked major orchestra butt at a competition this weekend

I’m very proud of them

And basking in the reflected glory

(Those are *my* Orchestra Babies!!)

Also, I need to learn more about Mexican Classical Music

I had a lovely meeting with the Mexicans yesterday, and they were talking about places and people and things I’ve never heard of

I’m ordering the complete Carlos Chavez Symphonies – as soon as I get the $$.

Everyone is welcome to come to a listening party sometime next week!

It’s been very nice outside (spring-time warm and sunny)

I’ve been taking long walks with the dog, bicycling, breathing fresh air and listening to the frogs in my swamp.

(They frogs are going crazy!)

Someone from Florida (Miami?) has been visiting this site every few days.

I don’t think I know anyone in Florida.

Pat, my 8th grade Calvenette Leader, lived in Florida for a while

But now she’s back in Illinois.

And, even if she did live in Flordia, I don’t think Pat would read blogs.

But maybe . . .

I have a ticket to Prairie Home Companion this weekend

I had hoped to land TWO free tickets and take Dear 'ole Dad

But that didn't work out

Maybe I'll get an on air shout out to Dear 'ole Dad

Or perhaps just let him go by himself

Thoughts to ponder