Monday, April 10, 2006


You may recall that last year, I applied to The US Dept. of Education and became a peer reviewer for an Arts in Education grant program. T’was an excellent opportunity to read lots of grants, make connections, and shine up my resume. (Besides, who wouldn’t want to have a voice in deciding how to spend $20 million of your precious tax money?!)

After our last teleconference, a rep. from the Dept of Ed. told my team that she really liked working with us, hoped we’d participate in future reviews, and how she’d be in touch regarding other artsed opportunities - blah blah blah (the usual meaningless pleasantries).
BUT . . . those meaningless pleasantries must have been sincere - ‘cause I just received a call inviting me to participate on an “expert” review panel at the end of this month!!!!!!!!


I’m pretty sure that “expert” panelists aren’t supposed to get super-duper excited about this sort of thing.
“Experts” put on their snooty voice and say, “Of course they want me to serve, I’m a distinguished expert in my field with credentials up the wazoo, and I’m SOOO important and busy that I don’t have time to devote to your piddlely little $20 million dollar project.”

Maybe someday I’ll become a jaded professional who doesn’t bounce off the walls every time someone from the DoE calls. Until that happens, you’ll have to put up with these super-duper exclamation point posts.